Hey all, Melmsie here. In case you don’t know me, I’m the owner of Dank Memer. This article will contain 3 parts: charitable giving updates, development updates, and current bot stats.

Part One — Charitable Giving

One of my passions has always been charitable giving, and this year your support within the bot has enabled me to start doing that on a much larger scale, which I feel is my duty, especially in these dark times.

Charity this month

For the Month of June, I devoted half our lootbox sales to the #BlackLivesMatter cause. …

It was 9 months and 24 days ago that Aetheryx and I were sitting in a voice call, rapidly debugging major issues plaguing our bot, including us hitting a global ratelimit on messages.

“Maybe we should reboot right now and try the update a third ti- Oh hey, we hit 1m guilds”
“We can hit 1m guilds again if we reboot and lose some angry servers”

Now we’re at 2,000,000 servers. That’s insane, and never something we would have thought of achieving. Unlike the lackluster announcement of hitting 1,000,000 servers, I’ve got some stuff to say to you all.


Why we decided to sell lootboxes

Hiya, Melmsie here. I work full time on Dank Memer, and it pays most of my bills and buys diapers for my newborn baby.

Patreon has been great for paying for server costs, and generating a little income. The problem is, lots of people don’t care about most of the donor perks, they just care about the lootboxes that came with them. So we decided we’d sell them directly, instead of having to maintain a monthly donation to get them.

While we understand some people see this as “p2w” and being “a sellout”, this…

Alright there’s a ton of stuff so lets skip the fluff and get into the major changes

Currency has been wiped and almost completely changed

  • All new commands
  • A shop to buy things
  • A real notification system (pls notifs)
  • A functioning text messaging system (after you buy a phone in the shop)
  • New designs for old commands
  • The ability to DIE
  • and much more…

But Melmsie…

Why was currency wiped?? Because this new (and 10x better) system is 100% incompatible with the old system data wise. Now that we have a real currency system in place however, I don’t see us ever having to wipe again. …

Hello my epic gamers, there was no state of the bot this month, but here’s a QOL update instead

Update Notes

  • Mememusic and mlg sounds are back
  • Donors can now use -repeat as a flag to mememusic and mlg sounds
  • You can now search for specific tracks in the mememusic playlist
  • You can now use -list as a flag for those two commands to see all the songs in it
  • New website to vote at for more coins
  • Added creditscore and thotrate commands
  • Mod commands no longer let you ban someone higher than you
  • Added guess the number game
  • Added games category…

Holy cow this was a bad weekend

Let me first start off by saying, I’m sorry for all the downtime. You may be wondering why Dank Memer was down for almost two days…

  1. Discord is giving us connection issues, and we don’t know why or how to fix them.
  2. Our first deployment of the update had a TON of bugs we didn’t find before. Our error logs were moving 10,000mph.

You can read more about what happened and why in the last paragraph of this article.

Update Notes

There are a ton, so I’m going to make it quick and only cover…

This month probably looked uneventful for you, but you might be surprised…

Statistics this month

Change in server count: +58,855
Most popular command: pls meme
Custom clips (sfx system): 1366
New support server members: ~2,100
Messages in support server: ~854,000

Current bot statistics

Development this month

Last month development was kind of slow, and we added one new developer. This month we added another THREE DEVELOPERS and it’s been bumping.

Hello friends, welcome to my blog post

What’s going on?

Lately there have been some major bugs and common errors in the bot. These have been slow to be fixed, and that’s my bad. I’ve been on somewhat of a vacation for the last ~2 weeks, and I let things run their course a bit. Any errors you’re getting right now (that we know about) should be fixed by update 5.2 very soon. Speaking of updates…

Update 5.2 is near

Now that our new developers are getting their meme on, we’re firing full steam ahead on the next update. We’re planning on having most of it done…

Hey there meme lords, going to be doing these each month to give you a look at the bot and how it’s been performing, as well as where it’s headed in the next month. Let’s get started…

Statistics this month

Servers joined: ~101,000
Servers left: ~55,000

New support server members: ~3000
Messages sent in support server: ~999,500

Commands Ran: 27 million
Most popular category: Memey (3.4m commands)

Current bot statistics

Development this month

Development this month has been interesting to say the least. I’ve taken on perryprog as a contributor to help with my workload, and it’s been nice having someone else work on the bot. …

Dank Memer? What’s that?

This month we see a lot of changes that some people will love. At the same time, some people will hate what we’ve done. I’m here to show you what has been changed, and convince you that it’s a great change.

New/Updated/Fixed Commands

Here are some of the new commands we’ve added to the bot with this update!

Image Category

Two major updates ago, we removed almost 25 image commands from the bot. We have added those back. You can use dab, magik, and almost 20 more again! Not only this, but all these commands are much much faster than before!

Memey Category

We moved a lot of the “fun” commands into this category, because we felt that memey should also stand for jokes. The thing you’ll be most excited about is that we’ve improved most of these commands internally, and they should post almost 80000% faster…


Developer/Owner of the Discord's favorite meme bot

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