What happens to you when you pursue a PhD in hospitality

  1. You’re happy because this is the next stage of your life
  2. This may not be your first time in grad school, so learning in a new environment or in a different “eye” could be a cool thing
  3. You make new friends, older ones, with whom you can connect better
  4. You feel so creative and wanted to do em all
  5. You realize you can’t do em all.
  6. You started envy-ing over people you meet at events, seminars, because they can go around without being asked “what can you do pursuing that?”
  7. Then you start thinking if your work actually matters.
  8. At the same time, you start thinking of clever ways to answer the previous question.
  9. But then you got thinking if your work is actually good when you start seeing friends succeeding over this questionable pursuit.
  10. You go on facebook and seeing your friends who are still in the industry and how life is so good with free concert tickets or travel benefits.
  11. You start thinking maybe “I should head back.”
  12. Your program friends disagree. Your advisor couldn’t get it. You feel overqualified but at the same time underachieving.
  13. At a certain point, you could care less of what people say because you have to make a living doing what you can.
  14. And actually, being a professor isn’t so bad. You can also stay active in the industry while doing so, if you choose.
  15. Oh shit, dissertation
  16. Oh crap, job openings.

To be continued.

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