Ride #1.

Waiting in your car for a little ‘beep’ to come from your phone can get very nerve racking. Especially for someone who suffers from anxiety. Especially for someone who decided not to take her anxiety pills today. Yes. That would be me.

It’s been 20min and that ‘beep’ comes from my phone. A smile and sweaty palms both happened so fast. I accept the ride and give my full trust to my navigation system. Next thing I know I’m in the middle of the road with my phone yelling at me that I have arrived. Unless a cow is my passenger (which if any of you know me, I would have died happy), I was not at the right spot. I call my passenger to have her text me the location. Now, even more nervous, I’m waiting for my passenger to text me an address. With the new location put into my navigation I begin driving again. Pull up to the airport. As a Lyft driver, I am not allowed to pick up at airports. I call my passenger back, explain the situation, & the ride was cancelled.

If this was a test from my doctor to see how bad my anxiety is, well played doc.

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