Smashing The Decade-Old Writer’s Block

Hello, amigo. My name is Christian; but here on Medium, call me FeetSeñor.

Christian spent several years in the corporate world, but is now trying to launch himself as a freelancer in different fields that he likes.

However, all you really need to know about this blog is that FeetSeñor on the other hand, likes to share stories and experiences, and sometimes provides reviews and tips related (but not limited) to travel.

While travel will be the topic from which most stories will stem, I am not closing my doors to writing opportunities for any topic I find worthy of discussing. Thus, I will not categorize my site as a travel blog.

FeetSeñor just LOVES to share! And so should you.

For my first post, let me tell you a story about why I finally decided to start my own blog after thinking about it for so many years…


I remember acquiring an old planner in 3rd grade. I would scribble in it about things I experience every day — things I did at the playground or ideas I got from reading storybooks after school. It was something I loved doing even more than my own homework. My day wouldn’t be complete if I had not been able to write about stuff before going to bed. It was indeed, for me, a habit.

That habit, however, was to be broken in the next 2 years that came after…

The year was 1996 and Ash Ketchum was introduced to the world as a 10-year old adventurer. So was I. (the 10-year old part, at least)

Nintendo released the first Pokemon RPG for the Gameboy; and not long after they did, I had left my synthetic-leather-bound friend and confidante in one corner while I was busy getting ready to become the next “Pokemon League Champion”. Apparently it took me a while, because I do not remember ever seeing my planner again even after the Gameboy had become obsolete. (Just so you know, I still do play Pokemon RPGs up to this day.)

I guess any kid, even those who start to appreciate writing at a very early age, can be susceptible to turning in their (then) pens for toys. I mean, who can blame them, right? Video games are too cool!


There are 2 facts of life you and I know too well: 1) People go through a lot of psycho-emotional pressure during their teenage years; and 2) Writing is one of the most effective outlets to cope with that… And so, writing became my outlet once again just before my high school graduation.

Taking up Communication Arts in college was bound to trigger my inclination to writing every now and then. I was getting more consistent. I remember getting so much more engrossed to writing during those years, that at some point, I started working on (get this) My. Own. Book.

Ironically, as the stories got more interesting in my head, I became less organized in writing them down. I remember most of my chapters were handwritten on wrinkled bond papers, torn-off notebook pages, or random pieces of paper — basically, whatever I got my hands on when the urge to write came to me.


As life becomes more demanding, we sometimes lose touch of the things we enjoy doing; and as I moved from one apartment to another during (or after) college, these pieces of paper I wrote on just seemed to disappear one by one.

It frustrated me a little bit; but then I kept writing — and then I kept losing them again anyway; until one day came when I wanted to write but I just could not let anything out anymore.

Looking back, maybe I was NOT just a little bit frustrated at myself. Maybe I was a LOT frustrated after all; enough that I seem to have developed a writer’s block — a solid lump that was lodged there for so long in my case that I was stuck for the next 7–10 years that came. (Writing-wise, that is. Let’s not get too dramatic.) Besides, after college, I became too busy to write after I landed a job in the corporate world.

We all have talents; and we all have passion. Sometimes, though, we fail to fuel these passions or fail to take them a significant step further; and we start to convince ourselves that it’s okay to push them aside for a while.

Fast forward to today, I have none of my previous pieces; no record of them whatsoever — all those ideas forever losing their chance to be shared. Do I regret it a little bit? OF COURSE; so much sometimes that I cannot muster the drive to start writing again.

And yet, here I am starting from square one. This is in fact my first recorded story — literally; and guess what? I’ve learned that it’s okay…


As you grow up, the more you realize that things won’t always turn out as you had planned them when you were younger. You may find yourself in a situation that makes you feel you should be in a different one; and sometimes, things will change in your life unexpectedly.

Whatever life event lead me to be here again, I am because I have finally decided to return to my old (writing) habits — that was a decision only I had to make.

Real-time social media and micro-blogging (which, by the way, I am a huge fan of) has become such a thing these past few years that some of us do not invest enough time to really write anymore. Is it too late to start? Obviously, by being here on Medium, I personally don’t think that’s the case.

One may hesitate starting his own blog because of the fear that he may become just another blogger in an ocean of bloggers; but I think there will always be something good to write about. There’s a lot of new knowledge out there, and you and I have our own version of things to share anyway; and while at it, we can build or expand our network of like-minded people.


Thanks to technology, everything I write moving forward should already be saved, published, or even backed-up. In fact, I believe Medium has already saved part of this story even as I was halfway through it. Awesome! (Why didn’t we have this back then?)

Today, I have decided to jump at every opportunity to write about something interesting or useful that I can share with you. I would fondly tell my friends about my trips and other experiences, but never really get to a point where I provide them with written information they can use. Today, that will change; I begin to take you inside my mind and into my stories, if you would allow me...

Sure, there’s a lot of reading material already available out there; but thanks to my experiences and people I have met in my travels, I am convinced that we all have stories that deserve to be told and you never know how much someone can benefit from the information you share.

Have you seen my mace?! Because today, I am ridding myself of distractions, and I am officially SMASHING THE DECADE-OLD WRITER’S BLOCK.

And if you’re also like me who’s been blocked for a while, it’s time to smash it. The world is waiting for you…

Thank you for reading all the way. :)

Please check my site every now and then for new stories about travel and other things that excite me and hopefully will excite you too. As my short bio says, “[I am] All about exploring and staying active…”

The gears are a little rusty for now, but I will do my best to share future information in a format that is easy for you to relate to and get the most helpful information from. I will have the tendency to inject my personal views every now and then, but trust that I will provide you with straightforward and share-worthy pieces as well.

In the meantime, “Keep moving, amigo!”