Thank You, Amigo!

It’s been 5 days since my first public post on Medium

It was a good experience to be able to write again and share it on the internet and have my friends and contacts (on Facebook, Instagram and Medium) go through it.

Although I have yet to write my first actual article about travel, I actively sought feedback (which I imagine most aspiring bloggers who are just beginning, like me, must also be doing; and if they aren’t, well they totally should); and yes, I got valuable feedback — some were very uplifting and inspiring while some constructive feedback were VERY specific and straightforward. All of those will serve different but very important purposes if I am to seek to get better at writing.

To the people who took their time to read and message me their opinions and suggestions, I thank you very much. It is people like you who will continue to move me to keep writing.

This entry (not necessarily a story) is to express my gratitude.

Some of you even took the time to relate their own stories, and I found the process of sharing quite beautiful — that even if I chose to start by writing about me and my story in a certain angle, it opened to an exchange, and suddenly it’s not just about me anymore; and THAT’s exactly what I wish to accomplish and keep doing as I develop my blog.

One reader came to me and admitted that he wanted to start a blog but was not sure he had what it takes. I told him “Believe me, I myself am not sure if I have what it takes, and yet here I am doing it. So get silly and do it anyway, and we’ll see where it leads.”

Meanwhile, home base, Tuesday afternoon and the weather is just wonderful — not too sunny, cloudy but not overcast.

Soon, I will be sharing with you my stories about travel; but for now? Now seems the kind of day to get inspiration, and outside; so go outside, I shall. First hand experience makes the best stories after all.

I will also be outside of town in the next few days to come, and hopefully will return even more inspired and with richer content to share; so I hope you stay in tune.

In the meantime, go out there and create your stories too, and then let’s talk about them when I or you return… yes? :)

Thank you for the support, and don’t forget to “Keep moving, amigo!”

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