So here I am, blogging again…

After… I don't know, years maybe? Maybe months, but I think 'years' is more likely, without doing this blog thing, here I am again.

I have an instagram account, a youtube channel, a twitter but none of those properly replaced my blogging needs.

Yes, I post daily on instagram, but no one there really wants to read a big text about how frustrated I am with my drawings, or how awesome Seinfeld (series) is. They want to see illustrations/painting/sketches/watercolors and keep on moving.

On youtube I kinda can communicate with my subscribers but it takes a lot of effort, I have to record some cool images, since I don't have to courage to put my face on front of the camera, and after that I have to edit everything, put some music, which takes me hours to find a free good one, I get tired just thinking about it…

And twitter, well first no one is listening there, and two, my complains are way longer than 140 characters.

At the end of the day I just want to talk to someone. Tell somebody about a cool pen I found that week, or some technique I learnt, or ask for some anti-procrastination tips.

So that's what this thing here will be about.

Every week, I can't say the day right now, still thinking about it, I'm gonna post something, in a very loose way, maybe with some pictures, just talking about things that made me happy/frustrated that week. It will be mostly about illustration/comics but you should expect some cat pictures and random life complaints.

If you want to chat with me, please do, and follow me on this journey, I have no idea how this works, but I'll post something on twitter (or instagram stories) every time I update!

So maybe I see you soon??

[here's some doodle so you don't say I didn't put enough effort on this]