That is one of the clearest and most concise articles ever written on goal setting.
Larry Carter

It’s anything but concise, with this many words and random line breaks, and it’s also a bunch of vague platitudes about believing in yourself. It serves no purpose at all other than to tell the reader what they want to hear, make difficult and unlikely things sound easy and achievable, and plug the author’s self-help product.

In fact, any piece claiming to be about goal-setting and not once including the idea of measurability (except for a passing mention of the goal being “specific”) betrays a deep ignorance about what a goal even is, because goals are, by definition, measurable. If your goal is not measurable, then you’ll never even know if you achieved it, and it’s really just a dream or a delusion.

It’s a shame people are so inclined to share this kind of thing. If they were more rational and practical about their goals instead of always believing the first bullshit peddler that tells them they can do anything and everything (which is a lie, by the way), maybe the world wouldn’t still be dominated by the ignorant and the superstitious at this point.

Yet, here we are.

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