To the 138 backers who helped us reach £18,364 of the £35,000 target a HUGE thank you!
Lecture in Progress. Still in progress…
Will Hudson

I’m an educator, teaching at Belfast School of Art, and I backed this project. I was sorry to see you miss your goal, not least as I’d backed the project and I saw a lot of value in it.

I’m sure you can make this work, and I think you could use Kickstarter again to realise your goals. (I ran a successful £25K Kickstarter, so I’m drawing on experience.)

I’d love to kick around a few ideas if you were interested. ‘Lecture in Progress’ addresses a lot of pain points in academia (I hate the word academia) and, if you reframe things a little I think you’d hit your goal.

My personal email address is:

I really hope to hear from you.