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If you’ve been following along the past few months of Ulysses updates, you may have realized a serious shift in gears: We are now releasing a much more constant stream of updates, some small, some large, some with mere bugfixes, and others with a mixed bag of cool new stuff, that would never have warranted a full version jump in the past.

When we switched to subscription earlier this year, this new way of doing updates was a huge internal driving force. We no longer wanted to be restricted by…

»Weil… wegen der Sommer- und Winterzeit. Wir haben ja im Sommer, also im Frühling, da haben wir die Uhr eine Stunde vorgestellt, und deshalb müssen wir sie jetzt, mussten wir sie gestern… das ist, das wurde gemacht, damit man im Sommer… im Winter, damit man da länger…«

»Das ist doch der totale Quatsch«, ruft die Mutter aus der Küche.

»Was ist denn daran Quatsch«, fragt der Vater.

»Diese ganze Umstellerei! Heute hüh, morgen hott, Sommerzeit, Winterzeit. Das ist totaler Quatsch!«

»Nur, weil Du gestern zu früh…«


»Und es ist eben kein Quatsch. Das macht eigentlich sehr viel Sinn. Im…

First, an apology: My last post about porting Mac apps to iPhone was full of lies. I’m really sorry. If you got the impression, that Mac apps can automatically be ported to iOS in two hours while you’re playing Counterstrike — sorry, I totally made that up. Nothing is automatic, and you should rather quit playing Counterstrike, if you want to get serious work done, and none of us play Counterstrike at all, so there’s that. (1)

I also understand that some of my fellow developers have been furiously updating their IDEs in order to get access to both the…

Seeing how we are in the final stages of keeping Ulysses for iPhone away from our users’ iPhones, I thought now would be a good time to share with you some of the lessons we have learned from porting our Mac app to the small screen. The process is pretty straight forward, and anyone can do this in their spare-time, really, given they follow these three simple rules:

First, use Xcode from Apple, and most of the hard work will automatically be done. …

My kids have started to take Chess classes in school. So I brought home a board I knew they would love: Super Mario Chess. Now I got a problem — they’re getting too good at it.

He’s as confident as he looks…

When I was a kid, my father used to take me to the park to watch him play chess. He either sat down at one of the open tables and played against old men and the clock. Or he played these giant chess figurines against even older men who seemingly stood for hours amidst the pawns to consider their next move.

At times, I…

Interstellar has been described to me as “the very best Science Fiction movie based on real science”. It’s also one of the stupidestest movies I’ve seen this year.

Now, granted — the year is young, and there may be far stupiderer movies out there, but, folks, really, this is such a joke. It doesn’t help that they’re talking about gravity most of the time, which brings back all my not-so-fond memories of that other crappy space movie of late.

Can’t I just l cancel my contract? Pleeeeeease…

The plot goes a little something like this (spoilers ahead): The planet is dying, because of what they call the “Blight”…

Marcus Fehn

Co-founder of the Soulmen, designer @ulyssesapp

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