2. Expectation vs Reality: Blockchain and UAVs @ Berkeley

During the second week I had the opportunity to had an interview to be part of the Blockchain at Berkeley (B@B) organization, which was one of my goals for the semester. I’ve had already meet people from the Org but being part of that community was very interesting in terms of the things that I could learn and the impact that could be made by applying this enabling technology to solve social problems, such as data privacy.

fvp drone racing

I also went to the UAVs at Berkeley infosession, which was incredible in terms of how the guys flyed their tiny drones with an fpv goggles (first-person view) inside the auditorium. I see drones as something very interesting in terms of what you can archive by combining it with AI and robotics. I also went to their Autodesk 360 Fusion workshop, but there I realized that it was not for me.

I was also confused about applying for a consultant or a developer position at B@B, but then I talked with Marissa Mayer (former CEO at Yahoo!) and she encouraged me to apply as a dev because then I would learn more.

So I passed the two interviews for the dev certification and I got into Blockchain at Berkeley! So far I’ve learned a ton about the technology and how to develop novel solutions using Ethereum smart contracts.

I think the reality ended up being much more bigger than my initial expectations. Three weeks ago I would never imagine being in this position now and I’m very confident that there are still more interesting things to come. So far I’ve accomplished 3 out of the 5 goals I set at the beginning of the semester.

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