We needed to enhance our identity, to create a new wider vision and at the same time I realized that the real source of inspiration was the team.

When I joined Musixmatch 2 years ago (Oct. 2012), I knew that one of the main goals was to improve the way people enjoyed lyrics creating the best possible experience. Easy?


Musixmatch was already available on mobile, desktop and inside Spotify, desktop app offering synced lyrics on every song.

We gave new lynph to music redesigning the experience starting right there.

Musixmatch App redesign inside Spotify, April 2014

We created a good design thanks to the continuous analysis, UI, Hack Days, Brainstorming and users feedbacks, taking care of typography and visuals. A really nice lyrics experience that becomes educational.

Nicola Felasquez Felaco

Associate Principal, Design @Spotify Previously @Musixmatch https://dribbble.com/Felasquez

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