The Good Part

I sometimes wish I could just skip to the good part. What’s that?

It’s when you’ve got substantial funding or strong recurring revenue. When money isn’t a life or death situation for your startup.

It’s when the whole team is working full time. No part time team members juggling between their day job and that startup that doesn't pay them anything. Full commitment. No excuses.

It’s when you’ve figured out what people actually want from your startup. You’re still playing around with ideas, disrupting industries but you’ve got a real good idea of what works.

It’s when you sell without doing anything #ProductMarketFit

It’s when that investor who passed you up comes to their senses. (no names, you know who you guys are…)

It’s when your family finally figures out that you’re amazing and not crazy for turning down those jobs they set up for you.

It’s when the rest of the world finally understands your business idea and how amazing YOU are.

It’s when you start earning more than your friends who took regular jobs.

It’s when wherever you go, you see people who don’t even know you, using your product/service.

It’s when your product/service goes mainstream.

But would the Good Part be so GOOD without the hustle, late night work, all the effort to overcome difficult situations that just seem to keep coming at you? I don’t think so… But what do I know? I’m not there yet. I‘m still in the trenches.