Insecure — Hella Disrespectful: What you not gone do is…

Photo: HBO

I side eye folks who create think pieces on social trends in an attempt to reach internet stardom yet here I am writing this here article about my fake messy TV friends Issa, Molly and Lawrence. Because I MUST. I’ve held my tongue for all of season 2 but this last dinner party episode (Hella Disrespectful) has just taken me over thee edge.

Woot Woot!

Now, working backwards, let me start by saying that I’ve dated a Lawrence. Specifically, “a fuck nicca who thinks he’s a good dude,” oh-eme-jee… they’re truly hard to spot. At first. Nevertheless, they’ve been hurt and are now on a journey to try to maintain their “good” reputation all the while using it as a cover to explore their …hoe phase. However, this is unchartered territory for the former serial monogamous — you see, the naughty/nice creates internal conflict. Piping down Keesha and sending flowers to Kim lawd.

I’ve spent too much time on him. Right now, he’s dangerous. Co-Worker bae better use that tough girl vibe to protect herself and so should any other woman he glances at until he gets over his hurt feelings and decides which kind of man he wants to be internally and externally. He did hurt mine and Issa’s feelings in that last argument though. I will give him that. But don’t be Lawrence. Woot Woot! I had to.

Broken and Borrowed Ussy

Molly. Molly and Issa are trying out the “hoe phase.” Now women get a lot of slack and criticism any time they want to make a decision about their body whether it be growing a baby, descending a pole with no hands, or …gettin’ some. I’m only using these slut shaming slurs lightly with no harm or judgment meant.

My motto: Do you boo. Unless (s)he’s MARRIED. Lissen, if you’re out here looking for a loving, committed relationship make sure you are in the emotional space to SEE when a (wo)man will never put you first. See the situationship coming. See the ring. See something lawd. I believe that Molly’s ability to throw out her respect for marriage came with her realization that her parent’s marriage hasn’t been perfect. But any viewer knows that Molly is thirsting for a real thang. Aren’t we all?

No, but for those of use who are, Molly included- don’t settle for someone giving you a little bit of half of what you’re wanting, basically. I HOPE Molly is truly done with her rent-a-married-man situation because she will only continue to get her feelings hurt. She’s not ready for open marriage level savagery. This how you dig yourself further into a pit of ain’t-shit-ness, making it even harder to stick ya chest out and show your feathers for a real one. Don’t be Molly.

You Did What?

I’m about to talk about Head. Bezzle. Sloppy Toppy. Dome. Fellatio. My sisters, I had no idea we were still fighting this battle. I was unaware of the struggle, and for this, I am sorry. Eyepatch Issa had me so disturbed. Prior to …the shooting, the girls laid out all the burdens of the concerns carried by Black women which determine their level of comfort with performing oral sex. There were mentions of worth, respect, possibly submission, …I could be wrong because I began to tune them out- they were speaking a language I didn’t understand.

BUT THEN, Issa decided to take the leap… well, the drop, the descent… whatever, and then the girl seemed to forget how the penis works. Now I was too busy laughing to recollect whether or not she was given warning because it all happened so quickly- but I did not understand my girl’s anger. My takeaway is that she just wasn’t emotionally ready to give head. Look at that sentence lol.

I will acknowledge that he clearly didn’t deserve it after his “guess we’re even” statement- this why we cain’t win… But, my wish for you is that what you do sexually aligns with your level of comfort to do said thing(s). This also means that you do not, at all, tie your self worth to said thing(s). Do it because You like it, mkay? Don’t dive too deeply if it scares you, don’t be Issa.

Take ownership of your bodies sistren. With whomever you feel is worthy. With whatever level of hoe-ism is running through your veins at the time. I wish you well.