How to Respond to LinkedIn Invitations without Connecting First

When you’re looking at your invitations on LinkedIn, there might be times when you may not want to accept the invitation right away but instead, to reply to this new connection first.

Here’s a quick step-by-step:

Step 1: After you log in, at the top right hand corner, left to your own avatar, hover your mouse on the individual icon with the plus sign, then click on either “Pending invitations” or “See all.”

Step 2: Choose the invitation that you’d like to address. Hover your mouse over the white quotations in the blue bubble icon and a window will pop up with their note. At the top right hand corner of this note, click on the white arrow. It will turn blue, and will automatically open up a new tab bringing up the messaging section.

Special thanks to one of my oldest Twitter friends, Ed Han, who gave me this tip. You can follow him at @ed_han.

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Update on April 2017: Earlier this year, LinkedIn updated their interface, so this article is no longer applicable and you may find updated instructions in LinkedIn Help under “Viewing and replying to the invitation message.”

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