Romeo is Bleeding

3. Social capital: The youth in this film stay connected to the issues that are happening by talking to each other and engaging in conversation. They utilize their social contracts to promote their education by putting on shows for the community to show the bigger picture of the violence that goes on in the Richmond neighborhood. The youths support each other while they share common interests to make a change. They work together to educate not only those around them but others outside of their “circle.” It becomes evident that the youth are able to promote their education and interests through their shows of Raw Talent during the scene in which one of the girls is sitting at the bus stop station and tells an interested stranger about the upcoming show. By spreading word, she is able to get her message across while the man tells her how proud he is of her. It is important to confront these challenges because it means that you are not avoiding the problem and you are able to bring challenges to the light. Violence is a challenege that the youths face. Many of them worry about not being safe and whether they will make it to their 18th birthday. Those in the gentrified areas of Richmond stay segrated than the other side of Richmond which shows how others choose to shove issues aside.

4. Navigational capital: Navigation skills are abilities are important for the youth to have. It teaches them how to survive being in unsupportive and hostile environments. It’s unfortunate but reality for those who are born into these circumstances and are unable to leave the area. However, it is improtant for the youth to determine what they can do with their future. One example for an individual, Dante, using his navigational skills is during the time in which he wanted to retaliate against his Earl and Demaria’s killer. However, Dante decided not to involve himself in the vicious cycle. His nagivated himself towards writing a play about how he feels. This was his way of putting his releasing his anger and feelings.

So What? I am similar to these youths because I am aware of the news that goes on around me. In addition, I talk to my friends and family about what is going on which shows how I connect to others. In addition, I promote my education by helping others with my knowledge and giving advice. It is similar to these youths because I have a circle of my own that shows tremendous support. However, not all of my circumstances are the same. I have never dealt with any violence happening to my loved ones. I also have not been a part of a show group such as Raw Talent. I am also blessed enough to feel safe wherever I go, and not have to worry about being killed.

Now What? This documentary has impacted my way of thinking about how crucial it is that a living democracy is what we need. It is important for everyone to have different voices and interests to spark a balance of all people. For an area so close to us, a thin market-driven democracy is something that is already happening. As mentioned by Molly, the mayor is only worrying about what will make the city look better. He believes that gentrifying and kicking out those who have resided there for years will be the solution. Although, that is solely based on a market-driven democracy.

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