Let the Apple drop on your head

A sudden revelation just came to me and I thought I’d jot it here as a bite-sized food for thought.

Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit (most famously shown as an apple) — which also explains Adam’s apple) that caused the downfall of humanity. Yikes.

On a more optimistic tone, an apple fell on Newton’s head and that sparked off the whole jazz about gravity. Steve Job’s most famous and memorable legacy is the Apple brand- where he pushed creativity and innovation in a direction that no one had dared to go before.

In your everyday life, sometimes epiphanies might just come knocking on your door and suddenly you’re inspired! Your eyes are open and you’re passionate about the newly awakened goal that you want to work towards.

Sometimes, it might be more of the Steve Jobs route.. When you try your best but don’t succeed, and so you try again. It was through Steve’s hard work and him trusting his gut instincts that made Apple the legend it is today.

Either way, it’s about staying open and curious of the unknown. And making progress instead of excuses when things don’t turn out the way we plan.

Whether you’re looking for the next big creative idea, or just wishing you could relax under a tree like Sir Isaac Newton.. 
May the apple drop on your head.

You know how there is a theatrical slang where we wish each other good luck by saying ‘Break a leg’ before we go on stage?

I’m going to say ‘May the apple drop on your head’.. and start throwing some apples in brainstorm sessions. Just in case.

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