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It’s perfectly okay to be alone on New Year’s Eve

You read that right. I bought a bottle of Prosecco, some Kettle Salt and Vinegar potato chips, turned on Netflix and had a nice evening. Yes, I have a boyfriend, but he lives out of state. Neither of us thinks New Year’s Eve is a big deal. When I was younger, I bought into the idea that it was so important to have a date for this holiday.

Now many years later, I realize it’s not.

For one thing, I don’t remember even one New Year’s Eve that was worth the money I spent on a new outfit, shoes and a ticket to a party. Whether I went out with friends or had a date, it all sucked. Every year it was the same thing — loud drunk people and tacky music. And I don’t like either of these things any other night. So why I endured it for that holiday is beyond me.

When I was in my 20s, a friend and I went out for New Year’s. I lived in Los Angeles at the time. We went to some party at a club. I don’t even remember where now. I do remember some idiotic guy hitting on me the entire evening and a drunk girl spilling beer on my new shoes. And those were the highlights of the evening. I was bored. It was hot. The music was too loud. Not my scene at all.

And yet I went out for New Year’s Eve again and again. It was never anything special. The only time that holiday is even vaguely okay is when someone hosts a small gathering at their house or if you sit at home, drink some wine and watch some great TV.

I watched Black Mirror. I’m sorry, but no New Year’s Eve party is going to top that show. I was buy myself. The evening cost me about $20, and I didn’t even have to put clothes on. My flannel PJ’s and slippers were perfect.

I’m speaking to the women who right now are moping around because they don’t have a date. New Year’s Eve is a scam, just like Valentine’s Day, to convince women that we need a man to make us happy.

We don’t.

So pop that champagne and raise a glass by your damn self. And toast to how amazing you are.