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This past year has put a lot of strain on people’s mental and physical health. People have suffered in more ways than one from the pandemic, and prioritizing your health may not have been feasible in 2020.

While you may have become more lackadaisical in terms of working out, improving your fitness is something you should strive for in 2021.

While I remained active and have done a pretty good job of moving my body and working out in some way each day since the pandemic, I’ve been the most sedentary I’ve ever been in my life. …

The best superfoods for brain health.

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I went vegetarian at the age of five, which may sound a little bizarre to some people, but my dad was a vegetarian and inspired me to become one at an early age. It wasn’t until I was eighteen when I adopted a plant-based diet.

Prior to becoming vegan, I didn’t know much about nutrition. I played multiple sports in high school and wasn’t too concerned with the foods I was eating. I was working out an incredible amount each day, and used that as an excuse to eat boxed mac n’ cheese and ice-cream weekly.

Despite having little knowledge about nutrition in high school, once I entered my freshmen year of college, I started to buckle down on my nutrition. I wanted to start eating healthier and knew that my current diet could be improved. …

A strategic plan for rekindling your fire.

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Everyday I wake up, head downstairs, grab a hot cup of coffee that I often burn my tongue on, and go for a nice, peaceful morning run. I’m usually still half-asleep, but it’s a daily ritual of mine that I’ve managed to stay pretty consistent with.

However, lately it’s been more difficult to motivate myself to run. I live in a place with blistering cold temperatures during the winter months, and I’d much rather stay next to the warm fire in my house wrapped in a cozy blanket instead of having my toes go numb and risk getting frost bite.

And sometimes, engaging in the repetitive cycle of running day in and day out can cause you to start losing interest in it altogether. But, this isn’t something that should concern you or cause you to worry. Every workout is not going to be easy, nor is it always going to be fun. …

Strategic tools for enhancing your well-being.

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This past year posed a lot of challenges for everyone, and it was an unforgettable year we will never forget. I know for me, the normalcy of staying home all day became quite difficult. I would wake up, grab my cup of coffee, and go for a run. It became a repetitive cycle and sometimes felt like I was in a dystopian film.

The gyms were closed, there were quarantine orders put in place, and taking care of your mental and physical health may have fell through the cracks in 2020. I found myself more sedentary than I have ever been in my life. …

You’ll never have to step foot in a gym again.

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Everyone’s hopping on the fitness train in 2021. In 2020 people were stuck in quarantine and not able to go many places. The quarantine 15 started trending, which is similar to the notorious freshmen 15 for college students.

At the beginning of quarantine, the first week or two wasn’t so bad. I had just graduated from college and having a short break was nice. However, after a week or two, I was getting antsy and was pretty over having to stay in my house all day.

I know many people, like myself, might not have been as active in 2020 as they would have liked. There was a lot of stress and uncertainty in the world, and the last thing on people’s minds was to workout. …

With little risk of injury.

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As a competitive runner in high school, I ran very low mileage. Our competitors were knocking out 40–60 miles a week while my team ran 30 miles at best.

It’s not that my team wasn’t good — because we were. We were one of the top teams in the state and qualified for states every single year. Rather, our coaches wanted to train us in a way that limited our chance of injury. I was never injured once throughout my running career in high school, and I largely credit running low mileage to staying healthy.

A lot of people think the only way to increase their speed is by running more miles. While increasing your mileage is effective at improving your speed, there are simple exercises you can do that have just as great an impact. …

Without restricting yourself.

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If you had asked me what a healthy diet looked like four years ago, I can guarantee my answer would be very different than it is today. I wasn’t vegan at the time, and I was clueless about nutrition and health. I hardly touched a vegetable, if that gives you any idea of how limited my knowledge was about nutrition.

As 2021 is officially in full swing, people are motivated to make this the best year yet. It’s a fresh start, a clean slate, and with a year like 2020, nobody wants a repeat of this past year.

People want to turn this year around, and that means working towards their New Years resolutions. Most people want to either lose the holiday weight they gained, or to eat healthier. Yet, many people go about it the wrong ways and don’t know where to start. …

And why you should adopt it too.

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I use to train vigorously for years. I started running competitively in middle school and stuck with it throughout high school. I ran on average 30–35 miles a week, but after the final track season of my senior year, I decided to not pursue running in college. I chose basketball instead.

While I was physically active during college, I lost my desire to run for a while. I would go on short jogs just to stay in shape for basketball, but I wasn’t as motivated as I used to be.

After I graduated from college this past July, I started running more and went back to my roots. My passion for running has grown over these past few months, and I was reminded of why I started running in the first place. …

And why you should adopt them in 2021.

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In 2020, every day felt the exact same. I would wake up and force my groggily self out of bed, make a coffee, and go for a run. After finishing my morning workout, I would check the news only to be flooded with unsettling information.

Running was a great distraction from what was going on in the world. However, I was always brought back to reality.

2020 was filled with challenges. I finished my undergrad degree in three years only to come to terms with the fact that I wouldn’t be able to move yet. I had to stay put for who knows how long, and I didn’t even get an in-person graduation.I …

And they won’t cost you a penny

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2020 was a bit of a downer. It was a year filled with uncertainty, sadness, and chaos. Luckily, the doors have closed on 2020 and we’ve begun a new year.

2021 may not be perfect, but I’m certain it will bring far more happiness than 2020 brought. And, with the start of a new year means New Years resolutions are in full swing.

I’ve never been one to make New Years resolutions in the past. I thought they were useless because hardly anyone ever stuck with them.

However, with a year like 2020, I finally decided to make some. Not one, not two, but a few. These are things that I’m truly motivated to achieve, and I know others feel the same way. They’re hopeful that 2021 will bring them far greater success than 2020 did. …


Felicia Atkinson

College grad with a degree in Psychology. Health fanatic and recipe creator: veganandplants.com

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