Scottsdale’s very own Japanese Restaurant

Have you always had that insatiable hunger for the next level sushi and steak? Look no further and see for yourself this new Japanese restaurant Scottsdale has to offer. Discover more flavors you can find in here that is a combination of what the best, the East and the West has to offer. It is a rare combination indeed in a world full of remakes, repeats, and replicates. Take the trip now and embark on this amazing gastronomical adventure, you surely do not want to miss.

You can try in here their cold plates. A guaranteed fresh catch in each dish, the sophisticated flavor profile in each ingredient is kept for your satisfaction. They have poke, tataki, sashimi, and fresh salad. If you are not into these kinds of dishes, then this might be the best opportunity for you to give them a chance in your palate. The taste would arguable change your opinion with food. Check out and visit sushi and steak near me.

Their hot plates are something you do not want to miss. You have to consider their dumplings, yakitori, shiro miso soup, crispy fried squid, and yakiniku. Try these authentic dishes for a taste of Japanese cuisine, which the resident artisans will gladly prepare for you. You will surely never regret it, they are in the top ten steakhouses for that reason after all.

There is more to that folks, wait until you try their premium sashimi and nagiri. For their sashimi selection with the blue fin tuna, you can try out their: uni, madai, chu toro, ikura, and hamachi. For their nigiri chef selection, you can try out their: salmon, kanpachi, albacore, mebachi, unagi, hon maguro and o toro. As a reminder, you have to ask the servers for the daily market specials. Though seasonal, you will still find yourself asking for more if you luckily have one portion.

If you are already inside, you should really try also their robatayaki or fireside-cooking.You can either go all-American or full-Japanese. For the domestic selection, choose from: filet, American-wagyu, rib eye, New York strip loin, and bone-in cuts. For the Japanese selection, choose from: tajima-wagyu, Grade A5+ wagyu, and Takamori A5+. Either way, you are still choosing happiness despite only selecting one of the two since you can just order the other one if you are done with the first.

For the vegetarian, there are vegetable sides to choose from if you are not into meats. In this way, you can still enjoy Japanese-style of cooking with some of these dishes: sweet potato in ginger teriyaki, jumbo asparagus is wafu dressing and sesame, wild mushroom hot pot, broccoloni in ginger and sesame, sweet corn in soy butter, and brussel sprouts in Japanese mustard and bonito.

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