How I quit my Corporate Addiction for Digital Success

Once there was a woman called Felicia who worked in the Corporate World. She worked and studied hard over many years to become a Associate Director in a global firm, where she helped big companies make more money. While her work was for the most part rewarding, she always felt like something was missing, and she secretly wanted to run her own business.

Every 6 months Felicia would get her latest work project, pack her bags and passport, and travel to her next global destination. She’d stay in beautiful hotels, with all expenses paid. She’d meet her new team and go about the process of helping her latest client make more money.

This cycle continued for many years. The job paid well and for the most part, all the nice people and great travelling experiences made her forget her longing deep inside.

Until one day she got on a plane and sat next to a gentleman called Rajesh. Rajesh was beaming from head to toe — the type of guy that was just happy to be alive.

He told Felicia how he used to have a corporate job that he quit to start his own business. He said he’d never looked back and loved every minute of it. He looked her straight in the eye and said…

“If you even think it is something you might want to do, you must do it — it is not a choice”.

In that moment, Felicia felt a rush of emotions and could no longer ignore that voice inside her, urging her to do her own thing.

Because of that moment, within 3 months, Felicia had quit her job and started an e-commerce business. She was on her way!

It didn’t take long for her to realise that she knew very little about small business and even less about digital marketing.

She thought blogging was taking a picture of your breakfast and talking about it.

She had to get help — and fast.

She invested heavily into her new business, and spent the last of her savings on a variety of digital marketing experts who, unfortunately, turned out to be unable to deliver on what they had promised.

Because of that, she had very little money left in the bank and a business that was going nowhere — fast.

So she decided to take matters into her own hands and learn a few things herself.

She frantically started doing everything … Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. By the end of the day she was exhausted and unsure if her efforts were making any difference.

They weren’t.

So she re-evaluated her priorities, stopped all other activity, and picked one thing to learn and be good at — SEO. Within 12 months she had 10 x the traffic and 20x the sales to her website.


Because of her SEO efforts, Felicia finally had a new e-commerce business that had a proven business model.

She also realised she was actually pretty good at a important part of digital marketing.

Ever since then, she realised having your own business comes with its own rewards of learning new skills and facing new challenges. The rewards for what she had achieved far outweighed any corporate salary she had previously earned . She finally had her own business and some new digital marketing skills to boot.

However Felicia knew there was more to learn …

Felicia had so much success with just one part of digital marketing, however realised there was more to learn.

What she now really wanted was to find a course that could help her apply best practice in other forms of digital marketing to her business.

So she decided to enrol in Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nanodegree that she believes will help take her business to the next level, because she knows she will be learning from experts in their field who are giving practical hands-on advice she can apply to her business.

….how that pans out will be another story…