Why I Started Traveling

I have been living and working in Thailand for a little over a year. I moved February of 2016 and am just now starting a blog about it. I had the intention of doing this when I first moved but never got around to it. I also thought blogs were stupid, but every time I traveled, I always did research on where I was going and was reading other peoples blogs for information. I am also going back home to Seattle, Washington next week for the summer and it is going to be great to see everyone but I have had a few dreams that I went back and didn’t like it. I actually had a dream last night that I went back. I was with two people from back home but I just had to walk away and I left the room. I couldn’t be there anymore. It was just a dream and I guess I will find out next week how everything will be. But back to the point. I wanted my first blog to be about why I made this huge life change.

At 29 I was on a path to go to law school and at that time I wanted to work really hard and become a judge. When I have a goal, I always like looking at where I want to end up. I took the LSAT days before my 29th birthday and got the results a few weeks later. The results weren’t bad, but that summer all I did was work and study. Really, that's all I did for 4 years. I had to have good grades to get into law school and I had to work while in school, so I really didn’t have a social life through that time. I just got the results back and was disappointed in the time and energy I had put into studying for the score I got. That was also the beginning of my last year at University of Washington. Throughout that year my life just slowly kept falling apart. Friends that I thought were life long friends abruptly ended, I got fired from my job I had for five years, I went through most of my savings because I didn’t qualify for unemployment for some reason. The universe basically took a huge shit on me. Right before I turned 30, I was about to move back to Portland and in with my mom because I was so lost and was almost broke. But fortunately, my two very good friends just bought a gorgeous house that had a downstairs apartment that was perfect for me! I moved in a little over a month after I turned 30. Living there I was able to save money again and I decided to do my first international trip. I went to Europe for two weeks and fell in love with traveling! I went to Paris, Amsterdam and ended in Barcelona. Before I went on this trip I had a college counselor tell me about teaching English abroad, so before this Europe trip I did research and found a company named Green Heart Travel, to go teach in Thailand. I had everything filled out. The next step was to send the deposit in and I would be set. The entire time in Europe I was asking myself if I could see myself living in a foreign place while teaching. The answer was, fuck yes I could! I loved every minute of that trip. Flying into a new place, exploring, eating new foods and seeing how other people lived. I fell in love with it all and wanted to keep doing this. When I got back, I sent the deposit in and left for Thailand in the middle of February.

I didn’t leave a bad situation or anything. Actually, I had a good thing going. I was living in a place where I could save money, help my friends with the mortgage and I had a job I didn’t hate with a good company. One of the best companies I worked for. But something was missing. My soul was not satisfied and the only time my soul truly felt happy was while traveling. So after getting completely lost, I found myself again and made a huge change. If you would have told me when I was 28 that at 32 I would be a certified teacher, teaching abroad and traveling the world, I would have laughed. But that s life and at this point I have lived abroad for a year, have traveled to five different countries and I am leaving for the sixth country at the end of the week. Just like when I was aiming to become a judge while I had the law school goal, my new goal is to travel the world. When I am an old lady, I want the world painted in a room or on a huge wall in my house, of all the places I have been to. The people that I will hire to paint it will be hot young artists and I will tell them stories while they paint each country I have been.

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