Almuthani- The 6 year old boy who died in Vain.

Almuthani Alsuaidan

This is a short story of Almuthani Alsuaidan, a 6 year old boy who passed away on the 4th of May 2016, after long periods of fighting Cancer. According to his doctors, surgery could have saved his life, however the procedure could not be possible without the Fathers signature or permission.

Almuthani’s mother fought tooth and nail to get her ex husband to sign the forms that could have saved her only child's life but he refused too — he wanted to punish the mother of their child for divorcing him. By not signing the forms for the little boy to receive the surgery, it was a form of revenge for him.

Almuthani’s mother pleaded to the Saudi government for them to change or to work around the laws so that her son can have the surgery without having to get permission from her ex husband. Unfortunately, due to the Male Guardianship system that operates in the regions of Saudi Arabia, the law was in support of her ex-husband and as a result, a mother had no choice but to watch her son slip away to deaths hands.

Almuthani could have been alive today if it wasn’t for the cruel treatment that this mother had received from the government and her deranged ex husband. The Male Guardianship system is well and very much alive in the country and no organisation let alone the United Nations, want to take authority over it.

These days, it’s all about the money and less about the human spirit.

Whilst many women are celebrating their ability to hold the steering wheel, individuals like Althumani’s mother continue to mourn a system that not only considers women as second class citizens but permits injustices towards children even at deaths expense.