Devina Kaur- Brilliance is the new Black.

The ‘Kaur’ to self- discovery.

Some know her as the girl who has it all but many know her as strength personified.

Devina Kaur- Founder of #SexyBrilliant

Devina Kaur, the emblem of what it means to be Sexy and brilliant all in want package, is adored by many people around the world due to the ideologies that she upholds in her daily lifestyle, which attract an audience that wants to know more but most importantly BE more.

Other than being a Wonder woman with many talents including but not limited to being a fulltime single mother to her precious bundles of joy, a business woman of high regard and also measuring up to the role of humanities most treasured possession, Devina is truly a force to be reckoned with in the global spheres and definitely one many have been looking out for.

Originating from rural India, Devina has managed to pave her not-so-easy journey to inspire thousands of people to never give up on their dreams, love and the ability to live again in a world that deems otherwise. There is never a dull moment with the Indian beauty as her sense of confidence with a grave passion of humanity speaks volumes to the kind of impact she has on people as she tries to make sense of the meaning of life in a light-hearted fulfilling manner that ends up leaving others wanting more of her energy and time. 
As they say, experience is the best teacher and hence the sexy Brilliant mogul utilizes her social media platforms as a way to create everlasting connections with her wide audience for the sole purpose of teaching, empowering, encouraging and inspiring those who are constantly on the journey of self- love, self-discovery and self-preservation.

With a world that tends to discourage boldness in all its forms, Davina never fails to challenge the status quo and being a voice to those who are told they are too loud, too uneducated, too big, too small or too irrelevant to be worthy of something in society.

We celebrate women such as Devina who are not only bringing ‘sexy back’ as the famous singer Justin Timberlake would say, but we celebrate women who bring ‘brilliance in sexy’ back as a trend that is not only worthy to be followed but one that is worthy to be engraved as a lifelong legacy that the world can follow its trails.

Thobeka Gigaba is a Human Rights Peace Activist, Ambassador of Womens March Global, Johannesburg South Africa, Founder of Justice 4 Saudi Women Campaign and Criminology/Political Science Scholar.