Last night we went to a pub called The International which was established in 1838. The man himself, James Joyce, frequented the bar often which won it this award. There are only four Dublin pubs with this award and so far we’ve been in two ☺️ The International was especially fun because we witnessed a “gentlemen’s disagreement”, or what we’d call in America: a fight. Only in Ireland, they didn’t actually fight. Two guys came in, asked for a couple pints, and the bartender politely said “Sorry but no, I can tell you’ve already had enough. You don’t get drunk in one bar and try to enter another.” Instead of fists thrown, only slight profanities were thrown (from the drunkards, not the bartender) and they must’ve been Irish slang — cause they didn’t sound harsh to us. It was a simple disagreement. The bars here don’t have bouncers so the bartender just simply escorted the lads out. The nightlife here in Dublin is much different than in the U.S. Another example: we didn’t spot one person on their phone at the bars or restaurants. People actually look into their companions eyes and engage in conversation…what a foreign concept! And contrary to popular belief, the pubs do stay open late in Dublin (between 2 & 4 AM usually).

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