Our hostel is in one word: psychedelic. Even in the stairwell the walls are brightly painted. The Rolling Stones and The Grateful Dead posters are everywhere. Reception is open 24 hours here and you must check in with a security pass as well as a key to get in, so it is very secure. There is a “t.v room” which is basically a community room with a bookshelf of VHS tapes and well, books. You can choose to take one as long as you leave one 😍 the share economy here is great. Did I mention this is a green hostel as well? Everything is recyclable, etc…you get the gist. Everyone who works here seems to be from a different country as well. There are photos of the young workers with their home countries on a bulletin board. The reception desk is funny because there’s a sign hanging that says “It’s Raining” and written underneath it “Again”. On the other side it says “it’s not raining!” then in handwriting beneath, “yet”. Haha. Currently as I write this over late breakfast, it is NOT raining in Dublin….yet!

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