Marketing Ruminations

I’ve been working intensely on networking, developing relationships with new colleagues, and cold-emailing potential referral sources. I’ve also been coming into my very lovely office more regularly, to develop a habit, stir some energy, and to be intentional about creating and maintaining a separation between work and home.

I continue to have two client cases, all refugees dealing with past trauma and current acculturation issues. Clients are doing courageous work and I feel good about the contribution I get to make.

One of the recommendations for starting a private therapy practice is to determine a niche for yourself and build your marketing plan around that. I’ve had a ton of experience with parents and children, and the bulk of my client work thus far has been with individuals experiencing homelessness — or in clinical terms: generational trauma, lack of life skills, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, parenting and attachment issues, and personality disorders.

My favorite group to work with are teens between 10–20. I have had a handful of teen clients and I remember specifically what it feels like to be that age, and am effective at being a stable, non-judgemental adult, that a teen can build an alliance with that is completely different from their relationship with their parents. The work I’ve done with parents has been basically demystifying the hormonal landscape, modeling the sex talk, and normalizing the challenges of a teen’s need to individuate — to separate from their parents and define themselves independently from their family of origin.

I’ve been intimidated by making adolescents my niche (okay, and I’ve been intimidated by many aspects of starting a practice from scratch) and have been reluctant to build my marketing strategy around teens and parents. However after pounding it out a bit here, I feel proud of what I know and what I’ve accomplished, and I needed the reassurance. (Thanks, self. You’re amazing and you’ve got this.*)

*This is not typical of my self-talk and I’m making an effort to switch that sh*t up.