5 Tools to work smarter, not harder

Photo: Olu Eletu/Unsplash.com

For me, September has always been the month for new beginnings. This autumn I got inspired to make a list of my favorite tools that get work done faster. I use them on a daily basis — thus my day is more productive, and I have more time for what matters.


Unroll.me saves me from the email clutter. The tool helps you unsubscribe from newsletters you no longer read. It compiles all email subscriptions into one digestion email, called the Rollup, and thus makes your life much easier. Thumbs up for a cleaner inbox!


SMASHDOCs helps me work 10 times faster. It is a content creation platform with an outstanding tracking technology. What I love most about it is that I don’t need e-mails and get guidance to the changes I missed. I can track all the changes in real time in one document— my changes as well as the changes the others did while I was away. SMASHDOCs makes working together on a document a piece of cake.


Buffer is my social media assistant. After connecting all your social profiles, you can start scheduling, publishing and analyzing your posts. I love using the bookmarklet button. Thus you can share your favorite articles just by clicking on the button. Buffer schedules it for share. No hassle at all.


RescueTime rescued me from spending too much time on Pinterest. It not only tracks where you spent your time but also gives you an overview of your most/least productive days of the week. Understanding my daily habits was a real eye-opener for me. Give it a go!


IFTT boosts my productivity. IFTTT links different devices and services together using the concept: IF That Then This. You can select your favorite services such as Twitter, Instagram and Gmail, and then set up formulas that connect these services. Thus the channels interact with each other. IFTT is a genius!