Living Light

After for such a long time, I finally made time to sort my clothes in two categories: what I will be using for the next 5 years, and what I will not. I actually had a plan of disposing my clothes ever since I saw the clothes my maid, who happens to be a year younger than me, had worn, and it made me realize that maybe I had clothes that she might have wanted more than how much I wanted it in the first place. So, after a month since making the plan, it finally materialized today.

I have found many clothes that I have categorized with “What I Will Not Wear In The Next 5 Years”, not with a reason that they no longer fit me, but to give way for newer clothes. While I was sorting them out, I realize how these clothes under this category had always been invisible to me whenever I have to choose what to wear for the day. I realize that, there are so much people out there who do not even have clothes to wear, yet here are the clothes waiting for me to touch it at least. This category became a sack of clothes for my maids to check them out, if they wanted any, or for donations.

Literally and metaphorically, this process made me feel lighter. Literally speaking, half of my closet is now filled with empty spaces, ready for newer clothes that I would find interesting in the future, rather than having unused clothes sitting around my closet, collecting dust as well. I also realize how, clothes are a need, yes, but only now do I notice how I have more than what I actually need. It is okay to have a lot of options, but then the idea that there are people who is facing a scarcity of what they need when there are some that have a surplus of what they need makes life unfair. Maybe, the reason why we have too much, is because the world knows that life is unfair so it gives us the power to make it fair. Maybe, the reason why others have less, is to show the world that life is unfair.

Meanwhile, metaphorically speaking, living light does not necessarily have to do with clothes or materials, but it can be with the problems we carry with. We all have this idea that the problems we face may help us grow stronger, but we should always remember that having that perspective is not efficient enough. There are problems that have solutions to it, yet the alphabets are just 26, and maybe we would already be dead once we reach the millionth number. I’m not saying that you should look at this with the hopeless perspective, but sometimes, it’s not bad to put yourself as a priority. Sometimes, you have to let go of these burdens, not only because it hinders you from growing into your full potential, but it would also cleanse away the poison that has been flowing in your body for long.

“Simplicity involves unburdening your life, and living more lightly with fewer distractions that interfere with a high quality life, as defined uniquely by each individual.” — Linda Breen Pierce