Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this important issue, Feliks.
Artemis Canada

Hey there and greetings to Canada 👋🇨🇦 thanks for your comment!

My 6–12 months estimate includes the recruiting process as well as the cancelation period of the candidate with their old employer. In Germany it’s pretty common to have notice periods of 3–6 months until end-of-quarter which prolongs the process quite a bit. I’ll clarify that in the article.

Generally I think there is no right or wrong here and it can be valuable to hire a recruiter if a company does not have the resources, hiring know-how or access to candidates (e.g. for very specialized roles). In our case we felt confident to manage the process ourselves which took up time but gave us full control and no dependence.

I would say the time spent on the process was around 6–8 weeks for our HR manager and their team (project management, sourcing, cold-contacting, phone interviews, in-person interviews), 2 weeks for me (contacting multipliers, phone interviews, in person interviews, workshops) and 6–8 hours for other executices (workshops only).

So yeah, it took significant time but not 4–10 months. For us the effort paid off.

Best, Feliks