Notes against procrastination

From week 3 of Coursera’s Learning How to Learn.

  • Cramming is not good for memory.
  • Willpower is limited. Make it so you don’t have to waste it fending off procrastination.
  • We procrastinate because of “microdiscomforts”.
  • Focus on the process not the product:
  1. Get rid of cues (the things that launch procrastination). Eg. turn off phones.
  2. Rewire your brain to get through these discomforts.
  3. Reward yourself for success. This makes rewiring easier.

More ideas:

Once a week, write a todo list. Once a day, write what to do on the following day. You must commit to this routine.

  • Be product oriented for the small stuff only.
  • Have a quitting time for work.
  • Eat your frogs first.