There is no specific order to this list. The classification would be different for many people. The most compelling movies are the ones you feel closest to. All movies cited here are movies based on true events. The kind of movies that make your hair stand on end. The kind of movies that make you think about fundamental human values. The kind of movies that are a great subject of conversation. If this list gets enough attention, I will keep posting these articles in order to have a complete list of awesome movies based on true events.

1. Hotel Rwanda (2004)

Main actors: Don…

This is yet another valuation method put forward by Chris Burniske. The idea behind this valuation theory is to visualize the willingness of the market to pay for transactional value. To calculate this, simply divide the network value by the daily transactional volume.

The reason I choseto explore this theory is because it uses metrics that are inherent to cryptoassets. The theory is based on the PE ratio used to value companies. Using the same logic for cryptoassets there should be some metrics to analyse cryptoasset valuations. Furthermore, the metrics used in this theory are available on many different sites…

Out of all the theories above the crypto j-curve by Chris Burniske is by far the theory that describes and explains very well how these cryptoassets grow and gain value. Many cryptoassets show similar growth patterns. They are so recognizable that many people have found these patterns independently from each other. I chose to develop this theory because it is the only theory that offers some explanation to why and how cryptoassets grow. I firmly believe that cryptoassets are a completely new asset class that cannot be compared with other asset classes. …


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