Dois mil e dezenove realmente começou diferente! Novo governo, novas metas (?), novas decisões!

Já começamos recebendo 7 e-mails de propostas de emprego já na primeira semana de Janeiro, mais que muito meses do ano passado, e muito diferente do mesmo mês em 2018.

Não deveria ser difícil conectar com outras pessoas se fizermos o mínimo de esforço ;)

Isso me deixou algumas dúvidas: Atingi um nível de senioriedade? Mercado de trabalho está desesperado por programadores? Mercado de trabalho está com programadores ruins e querem trocar? As empresas estão crescendo?!

Não mudei minhas palavras chaves no LinkedIn desde Outubro/2018 mais ou menos, mas esse Janeiro/2019 assustou!

So… I decided to trip with my girlfriend and one stuff that we like to do is watch some Netflix or Anime. We noticed that packed only: roku, ac adapter and HDMI cable, no controller!

Without a controller, we could do nothing: can’t select app, can’t connect do Wi-Fi, even the common things like play a YouTube video from smartphone wasn’t possible…

After some precipitation, we started Googling… But no success, was all about with the same Wi-Fi network using the controller app. Great, we discovered that there is an app to controll the Roku! …

One of my first programming experience with Ruby on Rails was pleased. Obviously each language has it’s own way to write vicious code, so I’ll share my first steps with Ruby.

The basic difference is you don’t initialize objects, we can use own structs to initialize. In Java, there is something not like, but is a beginning:


// Java
int[] vector_ = new int[5];
int[] vector_pre_defined = {1,2,3,4,5};
// Ruby
vector = []
vector_pre_defined = [1,2,3,4,5]

Structurally seem the same, but in Ruby we can increment easily:

vector << 1 # [1]
vector << [2,3] # [1,[2,3]]

In Java…

Felipe Brigatto

Software Developer seeking for new achievements in programming

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