Goodnight Kiss

They walked along side the ocean for almost an hour. She held his warm hand, and saw the water come close to her feet, almost touching her unprotected skin. The sand beneath her feet was a little wet and her steps stayed behind her in little shapes of her tiny fingers. Strips of sun got through some of the clouds and shone on her face and on the face of the guy close to her, making their eyes squeeze a bit when the light was more stronger.
The waves rose up, they splashed on each other looking like there was something fighting down there, and it wouldn’t stop so soon. Giant fishes running and fighting all over the place, with big fists, trying to hit each other, made her laugh inside with such bad imagination.
“How great is the ocean?”, she asked him, breaking the silence.
He looked at her without answering, and turned back his head to where they were walking. Through his blue eyes, she observed carefully, he was deep within himself, only reserving his thoughts to his own judgment in that moment. She saw his mouth express the most joyful smiles through out the day, but now he just walked silent.
There were all sorts of waste in the shore. From fishbones to plastic bags that people careless threw it on the sand regardless of the damage it did. She wanted to fix it all, but knew she couldn’t do it alone, and not that day.
She looked too much like that beach: similar to the waves, she bounced up and down, getting close to the shore of the reality she was living in, but still too deep in her own darkness. And most of the things in the sand were the garbage stuck there that somebody one day left, and the past that insisted to appear so often was there too. The feelings were all mixed up, she knew.
Most of the time that day she kept quiet like her company, only nodding from time to time, saying random words without much sense. He didn’t notice anything unusual.
The day had heavy dark clouds above, it was time to rain again, she realize. The wind blew strong against her skin and her jacket felt too light and didn’t warm her enough. The cold was getting through her clothes, almost beneath her bones. She firmly held her trembling lips with her teeth, and before the small drops of water fall from the sky, walking back and forth on the shore of that endless beach, she decided to walk alone from now on in her life.
Even though it was cold, she could see herself thinking more clear that way, knowing that she looked small in that vast place, that it could be scary sometimes, but it was ok, she would be fine.
When they walked home, she treated him nice, but didn’t spoke about her decision in that cold night, she’d wait the sun come up in the morning, the light would smooth the news a little, and without knowing about it, he said to her, “You’re so beautiful tonight, honey. I don’t think you’ve ever looked so pretty like you are now”. She smiled and dragged her eyes to the aisle of her parent’s beach house, thinking of the things that crossed her mind earlier that day, she turned back to him after awhile. “Thank you”, she said, and for the last time she kissed him goodnight.

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