Being creative is about getting your thoughts together.

Sometimes, we just have to let innovation on the side and dive head first into the creative process. Break everything in 5 pieces to make it easier.

So, don’t we need to be innovative? Seriously?

No, we should solve problems instead. Our work sometimes can get very unreal, sometimes we want more than to create the coolest mobile-app-drone-3dprinted-youtube viral video. We should go back to the briefing, straight into the client’s needs.

I believe that we just can be truly creative when we have a limitation. Yes, only then our solutions become real and useful. We must be always in trouble, always. If you have no problem at all, find one.

Thinking about that, I wrote down my personal steps to get the best from yourself and from your team. Please, I’m not a creative guru or even close to this, just want to share my thoughts, alright?

Start: Truths and needs. You know the brief, the client told you what’s the situation, who are their target audience, blah blah blah… marketer’s speech, blah blah blah. But think a bit more, are they completely right? We need 2 columns of those things on the wall to come up with some thoughts and great ideas. Let’s pin on that wall a lot of these stuff: What is really truth? What’s the must haves of them?

Give me back my idea, don’t fuck that up ¬¬ At this point never (I said NEVER) stop your colleague’s thoughts. If you hear the most piece-of-shit-idea of your entire life, just use it, transform it, improve it, make it in something else and give them back. This is the best way to build new awesome concepts and get into new solutions. Also you contribute to make the brainstorm more useful and productive, less painful and boring. Just one more thing… the Big Idea may come from everywhere like a mobile app, film, print, viral. It doesn’t has to come up at the very beginning, deal?

Pick up the greatest ones, don’t overthink. That’s your turn to believe in the craziest ideas you have got, forget about budget for while. Just catch up your best and work on them. However don’t discard the others ideas. These “non-awesome-ones” can be useful in near future, perhaps.

Ok, now come back to reality, but just a little bit. After you have worked on great ideias, ideal world, try to figure out if you can make it happen. You know, clients usually don’t have enough money (why????? Sad story, but it’s true). Rate all details from concept to final production and make changes to get into the real world. But, be careful on don’t boring up too much, ok? This step is also a creative work, because to find great ways for “how to make” is sort of a hard task, be even more creative now.

Presentation Keynote, powerpoint, video, speech… Everything can change the final result. Everything can fuck up your idea. So, how to tell the proper story? Here it’s the best moment to bring up the movie writer who lives down deep inside you. Think bigger! We need to get the client’s full attention, maybe more than that… perhaps all his reliance. Make they cry a bit lol ☺

That’s all folks. Surprise me.

Special thanks to Pedro Henrique Fonseca for help me editing this text.

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