Switching from macOS: Developer Environment
Cassidy James Blaede

Hey Daniel! Thanks for your texts!

I’m an Ubuntu’s user for a long time and I found Elementary OS searching about a lightning desktop environment that’s look like with macOS.

Basically I’ve been using mac as my primary OS for long 5 years… And now I coming back to the roots ;)

Anyway… I use Elementary OS to web development without any special requirements.

Some days ago I found for Scratch and I decided give a try, and following my experiences about it.

This is a really fast! I open my Ruby on Rails codes and then bang! The rendering is really fast (I’m a sublime text editor user, so it’s matter — sorry atom :P)

It’s relly look likes! This is the best! At first I thinl that’s a macOS’s editor (just kiding).

So… Many features of a “pro” editor is missing like inteligent tabs, more extensions, and other minor thigs.

I’ll continue use Scratch and trying give more precise feedbacks.

Thanks a lot for Elementary OS, you and the core team!


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