Awesome! Great article man.
Stoyan Dimitrov

Hi, Stoyan!

The social media landscape might be bigger than the one referred to, although they clearly overlap. I think Synereo has had its share of problems due to misled governance, but I am a fan of the “layered-building-up” approach adopted by Dor afterwards: instead of trying to solve the whole schbang, let’s first build extensions on top of what users are already used, to let them taste decentralised curation and be drown into whatever more profound interface we offer next. That’s the vision Qrator materializes (I’m anxious to try it).

As the decentralised ecosystem evolves, I believe Synereo can be a powerful component of it, coexisting with other pluggable or interoperable applications.

Objectively, I think the road is very long and there’s uncountable infrastructural issues to solve until Synereo’s user experience can compete fairly with that of a Facebook, for example: state channels, scaling of p2p cryptoincentivised file storage/streaming, and so on.

If I think they’re on the right way? Yes.

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