Kiwibot is now delivering love in San Jose

Felipe Chávez
4 min readJul 21, 2020
A San Jose citizen running and taking a picture of a Kiwibot

Today I am incredibly proud to announce that Kiwibot will begin delivering food and goods for as many as 120 businesses in San Jose, the capital of Silicon Valley, starting July 21st. After completing over 100,000 deliveries worldwide and hundreds of simulated deliveries within San Jose, we will be launching with close collaboration with Shopify, Ordermark, Zapiet, and the City of San Jose. Now any business in Downtown and Buena Vista with a Shopify integration can have their products delivered directly to their customers by our initial fleet of 25 cute little robots.

San Jose Department of Transportation (SJ DOT) has partnered with Kiwi to allow them to operate in San Jose, making it one of the first cities to adopt Last-Mile Robot Delivery. SJ DOT can locate and monitor each Kiwibot in real-time as it travels around the city by reporting data in the Mobility Data Specification (MDS). Kiwi will ensure that all customer’s personal data will remain private.

The launch in San Jose was made possible by our collaboration with Shopify and Ordermark. These companies allow us to work with over 120 businesses in San Jose following our launch.

Robots are for everyone!

At Kiwibot we are creating a readily-available and inclusive service for product delivery — the future is for everyone!

We are thrilled to be launching in central Downtown San Jose as well as Buena Vista, a vibrant neighborhood in San Jose. In Downtown San Jose, we will be partnering with local businesses such as Jerry Wang’s Paper Moon Cafe — which makes some of the best boba I’ve ever had!

Our Kiwibot team is excited about collaborating with businesses in Buena Vista, which wouldn’t be possible without the tireless support of Mr. James Rincon. James has seen the impact that Kiwi has had in other markets by supporting local businesses and bringing healthy food options and goods into Buena Vista.

Working with the City

Many tech companies have earned a bad reputation when working with local governments by asking for forgiveness rather than permission. At Kiwi, we’ve been changing that paradigm by collaborating closely with San Jose’s Department of Transportation (DOT).

When I first met with the SJ DOT team last year, I was blown away by their forward-thinking outlook and willingness to innovate to improve the lives of their citizens. Although they asked the hard questions, their team was also helpful in devising creative solutions to the potential obstacles that their questions exposed.

Businesses can start selling online with a free commission and low-cost delivery Robot.

Shopify makes it easy so that advanced technical skills aren’t required for business owners to quickly create and manage online stores or to have their products delivered by robots. By connecting our order management platform to Shopify, Kiwibots have become the no-code connection between businesses and their neighborhoods — allowing them to deliver their products in the safest manner possible. If you are interested in connecting your business with the local community, create a Shopify store here in less than one day!

If you already use Shopify please download Zapiet app in the Shopify app store and fill out this form.

We’ll be connecting your delivery services in just one place through Ordermark POS

In 2020 everyone enjoys the convenience of ordering delivery from their favorite apps. Ordermark simplifies the delivery experience by condensing a variety of services into a single dashboard. Ordermark has graciously allowed us to integrate into their product so we can offer a time-saving solution for our partners.

What’s next?

Needless to say, we’re not stopping at San Jose’s city limits. Within the next 6 months, we’re planning on launching delivery services in a handful of other interesting and innovative communities around the world.

By working with Shopify, Ordermark, Zapiet and the City of San Jose, we’ve been able to make history by launching a groundbreaking deployment of delivery robots. This is a great next step in bringing little packages of love, right to your doorstep. Every time you send an order through our network you are supporting the creation of an on-demand robot infrastructure that is free for everyone — what we call the internet of atoms, but I’ll explain more in another blog post.

Felipe — CEO of Kiwibot, the most loved robot in California.