“To Rome With Love”

I could say that the reason that brought me to Rome is kind of a “snowball effect”. First I receive the call of a couple of traveling friends to collaborate in the post-production of a beautiful and sincere project. The collaboration becomes a generous invitation to fly to Europe and finally, following the rhythm of their lives, I end up treading for the first time this city that has inspired “Great Beauties”.
Without a detailed plan of the trip, with the simple motivation of enjoy the passing of days in the “Città Eterna” and thanks to the generosity of my friends, the friends of my friends, their families and complete strangers, I was able to walk around a Rome that seems not to be easily discovered trough the eyes of those who only come with their heads on the Roman Colosseum and the Vatican.

And so, the days vanished between dinners that start at 20h and end after midnight, because here, in Italy, meals are the perfect moment to immerse yourself in sporadic conversations around “la tavola” and the dishes are served one after the other, seeming infinite; between long walks without a destination fixed in the Google Maps, walking in circles and getting lost without the fear of having to take the road more than twice, between wines from the north and south, pasta “al dente”, Amatriciana, Carbonara, the “Pizza Florida”, the unexpected snow, the cold that drives 99.9% of the Romans crazy, the very cheap beer of the “Bar” in San Callisto, the Capuccinos with Cornetto in the morning and the layers and layers of history that support this exciting city. However, I must confess that I never found enough inspiration to do a photo session to the Roman Colosseum, or to the Trevi Fountain, and much less to the Vatican, and I sincerely hope you will forgive me for not returning with the suitcase full of key chains with the image of Pope Francis.

Instead, I preferred to make a declaration of love to Rome and its incognito characters, to the rays of the sun bathing the narrow streets of Trastevere and to the long walks without GPS.

Thanks to the always on the road travellers, to their friends and families for allowing me filled my suitcase with these unforgettable experiences!

The unexpected snow.