What Happens during a Dental Checkup

For many people, fear of the dentist can be a legitimate reason, and often, many people don’t really know what to do about this initially. However, you should go see your dentist, for it will help you have the best health possible. The fear of hearing strange noises while a dentist works on you can cause anxiety, and for many Eugene Oregon dentists, they often have to worry about how a person is doing when it is time to take care of your teeth. However, this article will tell you from start to finish what you’re doing every single time you go to the dentist, so it’s not as scary.

The first thing you do is you see the receptionist. This is where you put together payments and appointments, and they’ll direct you on what to do next.

Next, you’ll see the hygienist, who is someone that you’ll spend your time with. Hygienists will take care of your routine care, such as your cleanings, and they’ll help the dentist with other procedures. They’re very important, and they make sure that your oral health is the best. They’re really the true force behind a killer dental practice.

Next it’s time to go over the history that you have. Your hygienist needs to know of your history, especially if there are medications, diabetes, pregnancy, arthritis, and other concerns and allergies that would be important. It’s imperative that you tell your dentist everything, because it’ll make it easier on you.

Then, there is the teeth cleaning. You’ll hear strange sounds at this point. This is where they take off the plaque and tartar that is above the gumline before they floss around it. this will give them a nice polish as well to help get rid of anything not taking off immediately. It’ll make your teeth smoother so plaque won’t collect as much in between visits.

Then, it’s time to look at any mouth problems. This is where you might see a probe with a mirror. This will help the dentist see behind your gums and teeth, along with checking the enamel and the dentin. They also want to look for any problems the gums, including sores and redness. Then, they’ll measure the periodontal pockets, which is the area on top of the gumline where the gum attaches to the tooth. If it’s too deep, it might be a sign of gum disease.

x-rays are the next step. This is where they take a picture of the mouth so the dentist can see any problems on the surface. You might bite on a plastic, or have a machine against your cheek. This will show the teeth right down to the roots and jawbones, giving them a clear picture to help you get the proper oral care. Some might use digital or traditional x-rays. Both are valid machines, but digital is preferred.

The dental exam is next. This is different from the initial exam. This is where the x-rays are used to see any bone loss, some fractures, or any abnormality under the gumline before making any arrangements to align the jaw. It also can help to screen for oral cancer. The dentist will examine the gum lines and they’ll also check the grooves for any misalignment and softening.

Finally, the dentist will tell you what’s next. This is where they might schedule you with them once more, or with someone else to help with a problem. You’ll then be asked to make a future appointment, especially one six months in the future. Definitely schedule it so that you don’t’ forget it.

Often, going to the dentist is never fun, and while Eugene Oregon dentists are great, some might still feel fear when heading out to the dentist. Don’t be scared though, for they’re just here to help you get the best health possible in whatever way that you can. This article told you exactly what to expect, the various means they’ll use to help clean and examine your teeth, and what to expect when you go to the dentist, so that it’s not a scary thing for you anymore, but rather, a good process to get into doing for the best success.