Dispelling the myth of not enough diversity in games
Daniel Vávra

Great article man. As a Brazilian I can totally relate to this (even the military government & heavy censorship, though ours was US-backed). Sure, it was amusing to see São Paulo, my city, in Max Payne 3. But it was a gringo’s perspective, full of ridiculously fake things, just like Fast Five.

Each country has its culture, which affects us way more than we can imagine. I never understood GTA’s cities, until I traveled to the US and saw that their cities are built like that. Similarly, a trip to Tokyo showed me why many Japanese games have those narrow and long back-alleys (like say, in Resident Evil 2) — it’s because their cities have those everywhere.

So instead of just having foreign devs applying their vision and experiences into my culture, I want see what a Brazilian would do, how the maze-like nature of our cities would influence our level design, for instance, or how our dialog trees are different due to our relaxed way of speaking.

This kind of diversity it’s something that everyone could learn and grow from, but it will come naturally, not with people demanding US or Japanese developers to shoehorn in a latino guy that, as you said, will likely end as a parody — vide the most famous Brazilian character of all time: Blanka.