NETFLIX just released High Score, a six-episode series about the history of video games. It’s a great-looking series, with an amazing level of access to historical icons and their personal archives. But, like most works on the subject, it’s nostalgic and celebratory. Blindly so.

In works like these, the only bad thing video games ever did was the 1983 Crash. …

A lot has been written already about the history of virtual worlds, but most texts usually focus heavily on MMORPGs. One would need a very big book to tell this story in details, so this article was done as a general timeline of what was going on, the key names and where you can get more info.

Hope you find it an interesting read. :)

PART I — The first virtual worlds

Back in the 60s & early 70s, we didn’t have home computers. We just had a bunch of massive computers stored inside universities and large companies. …

Computer RPG history is poorly kept in the West, the stories told rarely goes beyond “Richard Garriott made Akalabeth — and there was much rejoice”.

And that’s with everyone speaking English, developers still being around, many books on the subject (including mine!), and impressive preservation efforts like emulators, the Internet Archive and Cyber1.

But if you ask about Japanese RPG history, things are even worse.

Few care about pre-Famicon/NES Japanese computers, emulation is difficult, the language barrier is overwhelming, trusty sources are rare and companies like Koei have little interest in the crude titles of their youth.

As such, the origins of JRPGs are usually told as “Enix made Dragon Quest — and there was much rejoice です”. So let’s see if we can add some more depth to this conversation. …


Felipe Pepe

Brazilian living in Japan, Marketing dude and Gaming History enthusiast. Creator of The CRPG Book: https://crpgbook.wordpress.com/

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