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“Blind monks examining an elephant” by Hanabusa Itchō

Algorithms, Data Structures and Web Development

Or why learning computer sciencey stuff matters…

Job requirements and interview questions

Why the hell do I need to know algorithm complexity analysis?

// Please abstract the fact that Array.prototype.sort
// is stupid and sorts things in lexicographical order
var maxValue = myArray.sort().pop();
var maxValue = null;
for (var i = 0; i < myArray.length; i++) {
if (maxValue === null || maxValue < myArray[i]) {
maxValue = myArray[i];
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Array size (x-axis), Running time (y-axis). Source: Wolfram Alpha

Why in God's name do I need to know other data structures besides my beloved array?

Solving problems and looking at the big picture

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Senior Software Engineer @ Netflix, previously Staff Engineer @ Spotify. Dad of two, road cyclist wannabe and citizen of the world.

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