FYI, not all Indonesian overseas are wealthy and “privileged”.

Yes, I definitely agree with you that many Indonesians abroad are still struggling economically. To make matters worse, some are even still considered illegal immigrants with fear and worry of deportation. Many Indonesians have valid reasons for their migration and decision to stay abroad. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows overseas too. This article is a gross oversimplification of the complex reality of Indonesian diaspora, meant to nudge a specific subset of the group (particularly Indonesian students overseas). I appreciate you bringing this important issue to the discussion!

Regarding your second point, I never meant to insult local graduates. They are as crucial and significant to Indonesian development as we all are. But wouldn’t it be better if international graduates also come home? They are also capable, dedicated people with high integrity who will be valuable additions to our human capital.

Oh, and congrats on your multiple US degrees! Glad to see your passion and dedication.