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Why do we need End-to-end tests AND Unit tests?

Say you are developing a car and are in charge of the airbag. You must ensure the Airbag is responsive enough: once the “crash sensor” triggers the airbag, it has to inflate within milliseconds. Unit test in software development is ensuring that the isolated operation works.

Applying Vim Normal Mode move in matching patterns

Last time I showed how to run a normal mode move across several lines using the command line. What happens when you want to run a normal mode movement in just a few specific lines?

You can use the powerful Vim g command.

Perform Vim Normal Mode moves using the Command Line

Lets combine two powerful Vim modes: normal mode and command line mode. Chaining both allows you to repeat the same normal mode action across several lines at once. Suppose you want to remove the last character on each line of a selection, you can simply run this:

:norm $x

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Lightning fast vimrc editing

Edit and source with just two key mappings

Did ever find yourself lazy about adding new plugings or mappings just because it is such a pain to edit and source the VIMRC?

Some times modifying VIMRC requires just more key presses then it will actually save on the short term.

I have no idea how to do this

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It will save your life when you mess up with UNDO

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