Opening files in Grammarly via command line

Grammarly is a must-have writing companion for authors and bloggers. It will spot errors that you would only expect from a professional proofreader. The beautiful thing about it is that it plugs anywhere in the web you can type on!

But when it to using your own text editor, Grammarly offer no integration. They do offer a Mac Application you can drag-n-drop files in, but as a Vim user, it was counter-intuitive to use it that way.

Since they are not going to create a command line interface anytime soon, I figured I would build my wrap on their Mac application.

Here is how it works for me now:

$ grammarly path/to/

This is how to setup:

First, download and install Grammarly Mac application

You just have to add this line to your ~/.bash_profile

alias grammarly="open -a Grammarly"

Then just open a new terminal window and you will be able to use the command grammarly passing a file to it.

Happy writing! :)