Using Keyboard Maestro to edit Clipboard in Vim

Are you a heavy Vim user that regrets not being able to use it everywhere? Not anymore. I have two solutions for you today.

Quick Solution for editing only inside Chrome

If you would be content with a free and quick solution to edit any textarea using Vim-like editor, I recommend the wasavi Chrome Extension.

Just focus on a text area and hit Ctrl+enter. A Vim-like editor will open right into your screen. You can make modifications to the text, exit with :wq, and the text will be updated in your text area! Quick and neat.

Full feature Vim to edit text anywhere

Now if you are want a full featured Vim with your own configuration to edit not only on Chrome but anywhere, then you are in for a treat using this Keyboard Maestro recipe.

This is going to take what is in your clipboard and paste it right into a new Terminal window inside Vim. From there, you’ll have to export the result to your clipboard by yourself (by either selecting the text and typing !pbcopy or creating a shortcut in your Vimrc for this)


Hope this can help you be a little more productive👏
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