Hello World

This is a small story of how things started and what we'll be doing here

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I’m Felippe Silveira, the Founder of Mowe Studio together with my partner Rafael Marques, and we are very pleased to tell you more about our design studio that we’ve been creating for almost a year now.

Everything started with a great talk between two friends with that casual “How are you doing?” and “What are you working on?”.

We met at college but when this talk happened Rafael was starting with freelancing, after working for years in a Mobile Design Company in Brazil. He was living abroad in Canada, more precisely at Toronto. I was multi-tasking between different business and projects, from Art Direction in a Video Producer Company to Business Partner at a Publicity Agency, and also Freelancing between them.

At that time, both of us were struggling about the difficulties of freelance life and with what we were working at the moment. It started as a simple conversation, but led to a more regular communication and eventually to MOWE creation☺

We created this studio to do things differently from what we experienced in our current positions. We wanted to build valuable products and also share our knowledge and experience with others.

Here is where the "sharing" will happen.

What will you find here?

We plan to talk about Business, Design, Storytelling and Animation. Although we can guarantee that other fields and subjects will eventually appear since life and work are mysterious worlds.

And where all this came from?

We come from different worlds — Animation and Startup World — and from different opportunities, falls and learnings from life. Having lived through these moments changed our ways of thinking and our actions.

We don’t want this to be a monologue about ourselves.
We want to give and receive content.

Do you want to learn, improve yourself and your business?

Just keep an eye on us and let’s grow together.

MOWE wants to help everyone to achieve their goals and to spread their message. Telling stories is what fascinates us and we do best.

What about you?
Tell us what's your passion or even your current struggle.
Send us an email to hi[at]mowestudio.com

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