I am a runner.


My post is inspired by recent a post from MU marathon runner! The well written post unpacked one of my deepest truest running concerns — and questions —who is a runner?! In fact she declared in the post! “I am not a runner. I never was a runner”. But that’s not how her story ends — so exciting! So very exciting!

I was so geeked — so inspired — after reading the post that I did two things: signed up for medium (to vent and blog)and claimed my unashamed running pace. Yes that’s right slow and steady — but fierce!

This is my adopted running theme and powerful reminder (on and off the pavement):

I declare that:

FelisaJoy is a free woman

Like Sarah, I was fairly athletic — but never a runner. Here is where the story begins.

I was having a conversation with one of my colleagues about my recent ski trip and mentioned that skiing was similar to running — as I imagined. She looked puzzled and said oh no! Hmmmm she said, running is harder. I said I don’t think so.

But was it really and who gets to decide?

And based on what?

Does it look easier?hmmmmmm

Then she said “stick with skiing because running is harder”How could that be, I wondered. I had one ski lesson (Feb 2014)and a couple of falls….(well more like 15 ha). The good news is that I got up every single time. The second day of skiing was flawless and fun filled! Loved it! And it wasn’t that difficult!

So I had to find out if running was harder. I was determined

To know and to decide for myself! — Yup you guessed it. I was ready to……Run…

I attempted running shortly after that conversation. I say “attempted” because running did not come natural for me— lots of practice before the first run — Woo.

I started walking with my neighbor..we walked together for over a year — the pace (our pace) grew faster and faster. Then we started wogging, ha. Then I joined #BGR a phenomenal running group on September 29, 2014. Great running step in the right direction…

Things improved, steps got stronger, lost weight….met some great runners….received some tips…

Then …. It happened…

Yup, ran my first non — stop running mile in October 2014 with #BGR. I remember that day full well. It was unforgettable..initially,I attributed my first run to my awesome pavement support and new running shoes. Ha. Like Sarah, I keep hearing someone say keep going you can do this! Who is this?!

It was Devin Sims, an inspirational running sole sister.

Several 5ks, 10ks, a 15k and 2 half marathons later — race gear, running classes, and let’s not forget the race bling, I say with confidence. I AM A RUNNER.

It’s only been a little over a year. And I enjoy running…

And I’m still running….

That’s what I told myself before my last official race: I am a runner.

My Race — my pace.

Chicago Hot Choc Race! Slow & Steady!

And running is not harder than skiing. Skiing is much harder than running….

Ask me how I know?!

Enjoying my journey! Every single step…

Grateful for health, wellness & fitness!

More to come…. More to come

“I often hear someone say ‘I’m not a real runner.’ We are all runners, some just run faster than others. I never met a fake runner.” -Bart Yasso, Runner’s World