To me being American doesn’t involve ethnicity or religion at all. Being American is a state of mind
Revisiting ‘Gangs of New York’
Daniel Suarez

Hey there Mr. Suarez just wanted to say a quick toast on this excellent writing piece that managed to remain exciting (and eternally relevant!) all through the paragraphs. Also, it is one out-outstanding movie it discusses. Me, personally, I’m heading towards my 30th birthday and lately got behind that man-becoming trip young Leo takes on with the Gangs and his revenge. Also, it involved a lot of family history research. Not sure whether I ever did something more valuable to myself. Certainly wasn’t school. However, only time will tell.

I like the aspect that violence is always short-lived (however may stay with us as trauma…) and that societies are build by the calm, forward-thinking dirt-eating idealists, who, I’d wanna argue, simply handle their trauma in a non-violent-therfore-creative way. Like writing on the Internet nowadays. And who knows, maybe Scorcese’s great-grandson may launch a “Gangs of the Internet” Flick in the year 2100.

For cultural migration (the one that doesn’t involve shipping your arse overseas to the New World) is very well taking place to those who, well, calmly think forward and possessing a friendly attitude towards society’s never-ending problems. Me, I’m born a Bavarian Catholic, with none of my ancestors seeking their fortune anywhere but in the Hotbeds of both WWI and WWII, and, subsequently, American occupation. (Thanks for kicking out that ‘nativist’ Nazi movement chaps!)

Especially in early 2017 now the world appears increasingly chaotic and even the wise men seem to run out of clues. Comforting though that, as a whole, we still seem to move towards a higher state. It’s almost like it’s the human understanding of the very present that’s the bottleneck in Progress. Everything moves so fast now and even faster. Pre WWI we had a globalisation going, combustion engine (even battery cars), chemistry, big oil, etc. already invented — while most people were still busy doing the Gangs-of-New-York-Style late Middle Ages.

So, y’know, maybe that historic clash was somewhat inevitable, even needed. If they wouldn’t understand the peacemakers’ game they’d still rather bash their heads as opposed to getting totally lost in the confusion of a future that has long arrived — and relentlessly keeps doing so. Ongoing writers can now launch all their carreer from an iPad, not only using medium, but a variety of new services that launched as late as 2017. (Vocal) power keeps getting shared down to the very 1-in-7,400,000,000 individual. And yeah, maybe most couldn’t handle that. Glad to see writers from an older generation also embracing the transition. I sure hope that by now you too wouldn’t wanna go back to the old model but rather harness the opportunities of the times to come.

Brotherly greetings from the old old World. Carry on, Mr. Daniel Suarez.

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