After one quick response, here is a very late one — sorry!
Steve Gillman

A late response is always better than no one; so I reply late, too :D

In my opinion, politicians should be the solution for our problems (as you mentioned).

However, the political system is too slow and inflexible to enable politicians to act in a decent way. Additionally, traditional climate-unfriendly lobbies make sure that their companies keep their competitive advantages.

Therefore, I think everyone, even the hipsters and you, must change his behavior in a meaningful way to change the climate change. Unfortunately, this is the inconvenient part which will always fall under the table, to hand over the responsibility to the politicians.

What I’m not saying is that you should only eat potatoes and carrots the whole day and never drink a coffee again. Nevertheless, what I’m saying is that you must check which foods and behaviors account for a large percentage of your water footprint and which of those are easy to replace or reduce.

If you are interested in changing your water consumption, I will calculate your daily water footprint; you just have to send me the stuff you eat.

By the way:

Totally appreciate and enjoy the conversation with you!

Have an awesome (less coffee included) day! :D


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